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Series 2K
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Daily Book

The S2k Daily Books program is the heart of the system, which quickly shows the user the following data in a concise, editable fashion and does NOT require you to run reports like other older back office systems but lets you view data and drill down to see your data easily and efficiently. Here is what is available on our main Daily Books Page:
depending on your POS and setup at the POS all this data is fully automatic and will download each day
Benefits Include:
Non-Fuel Invoices
  • Automatically import EDI electronic invoices
  • Manage Profit Margins right from invoices
  • Modify Pricebook sending changes straight to your POS
  • See changes in cost for items so you can change retail accordingly
  • Enter invoices using handheld scanners
  • Approve and post to QuickBooks with ease
Fuel Invoices
  • Automatically imprt invoices from your major oil company (if available from your supplier)
  • Manually enter with add-ons and taxes itemized
  • Set up automatic add-on invoices such as freight or underground storage fees
Fueland C-Store Sales
  • For Fuel Sales, view daily data including
    • Gallons and Fuel sales by grade
    • Average sell price
    • Actual margins based on weighted average including add-ons and taxes
  • Under C-store sales you will be able to
    • View totals by Department and SKU details
    • View profits on a pre-set average or actual margin by item
  • All receipts are custom mapped and posted to QuickBooks
  • Manage and reconcile cash payouts
  • Cash over/shorts are clearly reported by each day
  • Ability to edit data with audit trail
  • Post A/R details to QuickBooks to generate statements for customers
Fuel Inventory
  • Import tank readings from POS when connected to a stick reading system
  • Know daily and monthly over/shorts immediately
  • See tank capacities and what if scenarios
Inventory by Department
  • View and track Cost and Retail values by department instead of by item.
  • Enter adjustments as needed
Competitor Price Surveys
  • Enter your competitors prices daily so you can stay on top of sell prices and see trends
EFT Bank Transfer
  • View EFTs and bank transfers from oil companies
  • Post to QuickBooks for easy batch reconciliation
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