Series 2K
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Series 2K
"Praises to Series 2000 (S2K) for being simply the best Gasoline! C-Store BackOffice System available at a very reasonable price." -
Series 2K

Installation and Training


We have not achieved the success that we have without making training our number 1 priority. We provide installation and training services on-site and remotely.  Although we can achieve significant savings by doing things remotely, a solid modem or Internet connection is required.

The remote installation and training price that you receive from us is based upon our installing and configuring the program on a new PC that either you purchase and ship to us, or that we purchase for you.  When we have confirmed a solid installation and remote connection, we will ship the handheld computer to you if you have purchased that option.  We will then require several hours of your undivided attention. We know, this is a challenge when you are running a store, but the “flip side” is the expense of travel, accommodations, and full-day billing of our being on-site.


All support is accomplished remotely, and is covered by the monthly fee.  We have found that our systems don’t require much support.  Our support hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm, Pacific.  On a regular basis, your S2K system will automatically check (over the Internet) to see if it has the latest version of the software.  If not, it will automatically download the latest version.  This is another way how we can keep the calls for support to a minimum. Please note, we are not responsible for providing support for non-Series2k related issues such as PC crashes or malfunctions etc.

Custom Programming

Would you like to have the program behave in a different way?  “Special orders don’t upset us.”   We will give you a not-to-exceed price for the enhancement, or, if it looks like this would be useful by all of our clients, we will make the addition for free. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to assist you!

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