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Owning and operating a Jobber business in this very tight financial market today is extremely complex and time consuming. Very software options are available at a reasonable price that fully automate the process. S2k has taken that task on very seriously, and are working at becoming the best Jobber package available for the small to medium operation.

We will get all your data and automate the entire process based on pre setup rules. We currently import from most of the major oil companies and can import the following data:
In turn we will auto create your customer invoices and credit memos based on this data and also allow split deliveries and moving an invoice from one station to another in seconds without any retyping.

We have also just added new features where we can setup different freight rates from different terminals for different fuel types (i.e. Diesel and Fuel as they are weighted differently) and automatically create the freight invoice for you that you would be getting from your carrier. we also track changes in freight rates as they occur so invoices can be created based on the freight rate in effect at the time of the shipment.

All this data can be then sent to your accounting system:
Single Site Solution
Benefits Include:
Customer Price Groups
  • Set up customer price groups with specific markups by a fixed amount per gallon or a percentage on cost
  • You can also specify any additional add-ons or charges by grade
  • Automatically create invoices in QuickBooks based on each customers setup for each grade based on profitability along with any add-ons that require invoicing
EFT Bank Transfer
  • View EFTs and other charges from oil companies
  • Post to QuickBooks for easy batch reconciliation
Customer Fuel Invoice
  • Manage your business and automate the billing process for your customers, saving them time and money
  • User defined security allows a choice of sites displayed as well as edit and non-edit requirements
  • Manage fuel invoices and deliveries with the ability to slit loades or re-assign to different customers
  • Clearly see pass through taxes or adjust other add-ons as needed
Credit Card Details
  • View Credit Card Details for any ate range and station(s) you select
  • View and post credit card fees to QuickBooks for proper expensing
Jobber Customer Invoices
  • Customizable website for your customers so they can sign in and view invoices and credit card details online
  • Mange invoice payments directly through QuickBooks
Competitor Price Surveys
  • Enter your competitors prices daily so you can stay on top of sell prices and see trends
Price Notifications
  • Price Notifications from terminals allow you to view and compare fuel costs in the area
  • Timeline shows recent trends in the market
  • Get the best price information in one place
S2K Jobber SolutionS2K Jobber Solution
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