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Series 2K
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S2k is the number one integration company in the USA that allows very complex syncing to Quickbooks. We can also sync to multiple Quickbooks files. Unlike alot of our competition that uses the old (now unsupported by QB) IIF import S2k has for many years used the QB XML SDK, which allows handshaking to make certain data is accurate and confirmed. This allows unposting records or making changes and sending those changes from S2k to QB without duplicating data.

S2k will automatically setup your Chart of Accounts for Sales, Inventory and COGS accounts and also allow syncing your vendors and suppliers to or from Qb. This setup process reduces valuable setup time.
Handheld Solution
Benefits Include:
Posting Data
  • Easily post the following to QuickBooks
    • Fuel Invoices
    • Receipts
    • Sales
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Cash Payouts
    • Non-fuel invoices
    • EFT Bank Transfers from Oil Co
  • Compare P&Ls in QB vs S2K to make sure you nothing is missed
  • Ability to repost data if a mistake is made S2K will automatically replace with the new entry
  • Batch posting is a fast and easy way to post multiple items/days at a time
  • S2K has the ability to send COGs and manage inventory accounts in QuickBooks
  • When posting sales, S2K decreases inventory and increases COGs based on a actual cost or margin
  • Get detailed P&Ls inventory and COGs entries by department
  • Manage several stations in ONE QuickBooks database referenced by class. View P&Ls for one station or your company as a whole
Custom Mapping
  • All custom mapping set up by S2K staff
  • Ability to make adjustments on your own as needed.
S2K Handheld SolutionS2K Handheld Solution
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