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"Praises to Series 2000 (S2K) for being simply the best Gasoline! C-Store BackOffice System available at a very reasonable price." -
Series 2K

Return On Investment

There are three components to consider when looking at an investment.
  • The money you will make over the sum of the below costs
  • The cost of the product
  • The cost of the financing

With respect to the money you will make, Gas/Convenience Store owners typically make money with Series 2000's Back Office system by

a) better margin management
b) lowering labor expenses
c) increased inventory turnover.

How does a Back Office system do these things?

Series 2000 addresses any low margin issues up front, before items are accidentally sold below a minimum margin. Our system warns you of any item cost increases, and if the cost is accurate, allows you to increase the price of the item to meet minimum margins. Obviously, once the sale is complete, your chance of improving margins is gone.

We reduce the labor costs (and increase accuracy) by providing four different ways to capture delivery information:

  • using a form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • a hand-held terminal (with built-in scanner)
  • setting up and using a recurring paid-out, and d) manually keying in the delivery information.

Each method is designed to give you the line item detail you need to quickly and effortlessly manage your margins, set your new detailed prices in the back office system and send the price changes directly to your point-of-sale (POS). Our customers tell us that they see improvements in margins in the range of three to five percentage points.

Example: Let's be conservative and use the 3 points in an example. Every $1,000 you sell in your store equates to a savings of (at least) $30 per day. If you sell $2,000 of goods in your store every day, that equates to a savings of about $1,800 per month.

If you are a typical store, you can reduce your inventory investment by 20% using Series 2000. This is because we update every inventory record every time we buy or sell the item. Our on-screen item selector allows you to select items by turnover rate. If any items are not, at a minimum, carrying their holding costs, you can elect to return or discontinue the items in favor of faster moving product.

Example: If your inventory at retail is valued at $20,000 then 20% will equal $4,000 at retail value that is not moving. Another way of looking at this would be: If you could replace the $4,000 with items that sold and generated a 35% gross profit then you could generate an additional $1,400 in GP per month.

With respect to cost, the entire suite of Series 2000 software and tools can be purchased at a very reasonable price, noting specific pricing can be obtained from us after you fill out the questionnaire or contact one of our local reps.

Perhaps your existing Back Office system is costing you too much money and/or grief. Here's an additional way wherein Series 2000 can help we specialize in fast system conversions.

Contact Us with the challenges you face. We'll be happy to work through the Return On Investment (ROI) that you should expect.

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