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Series 2K
S2K Multi Site Solution
The multi site operator today is faced with incredible challenges from complex financing issues, to man power, to finding out weaknesses BEFORE they cause problems, finding leaks in not only your tanks but your overall operation.

S2k can solve all those issues by giving you complete control over your entire operation from either the station level, letting each manager run your daily entry work with you overseeing this from your central office and monitoring all their changes and additions. We also allow you to lock certain employees out of certain aspects of your business including not showing fuel margins, and other facets of the program. Or you can run the entire process from either your central office; each S2K comes with a station setup and one remote location at NO extra cost. (Additional PC's can be added at a small charge). We do highly recommend that your price book control is now controlled centrally, with consistent departments across all stations, even different fuel brands and POS brands. S2K can set this all up for you after the initial install and overview of what is happening at all your locations.A typical multi site operation can be completed in weeks instead of months or even years that our competitors take to do this.

Each S2k MULTI SITE Station SOLUTION contains the Following modules:
One of the incredible features of S2K is the speed at which we can get your data setup and running completely remotely and without the necessity of having on site personnel. (Time will vary if we cannot get a good internet and/or connection to the POS. Normally the connection can easily be trouble shot by our techs remotely and if major technical issue exists then your local POS technician might be required.)

S2K can have a typical installation up and running in under 24 hours depending on the POS and IF your POS and connections are correctly made by you or your POS technician. We do HIGHLY recommend that ALL cables are purchased completely pre assembled and do NOT allow you local guys put connectors onto these connections as 50% of the time they create badly wired cables. Need more info, please request a demo or pricing by clicking here

S2K Multi Site Station SolutionS2K Multi Site Station Solution
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