Let's tell you a little about us!

S2K is a very unique business model. We are not merely selling software. We offer a complete Back Office Solution to help you maintain a profitable and efficient business.

We are family owned and operated, doing business in the oil industry since 1991 and developing software since 1982. We have offices worldwide, including San Diego, Phoenix and Shenzhen, China. We take pride in the ability to offer you the best BOS (Back Office Software) solution whether you have one or multiple stations.

Our program enables you to manage every aspect of the day to day complexities of operating a successful and efficient business.

S2K Prime is an HTML 5 based Microsoft SQL server back office management system for the Gas Station C-Store and/or Jobber business. S2K comes equipped with the S2K Integrated Accounting system. Or, if you prefer, S2K is compatible with QuickBooks and can even export to enterprise level systems!

Our server farm is one of the highest ranked in the country! Daily RAID1 back ups ensure your data is safe and secure both on and off site. The facility is manned 24/7 and therefore takes away the burden of you maintaining your company's complex computer system.

All that is required to run S2K.net from anywhere in the world is a stable internet connection and a PC loaded with the S2K program. This allows you to view all your stations data site by site, detail by detail, immediately upon day close (subject to active internet at the sites).

We also allow you to export data into Excel or PDF, among other formats, so other users can analyze data as needed.


  • Daily reconciliation and processing
  • Integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise
  • Integration with most popular point of sale registers
  • Pricebook & Inventory Manager
  • Automatic download of most major oil company Invoices, EFTs & Credit Card Information
  • Unlimited reporting abilities
  • Automated Jobber package