Customer Testimonials

Ricky Vogel

Sungas - Miami, FL

S2k is a great backoffice tool for accounting, inventory, real time and comparative analysis of gas station, convenience store and car wash sales. S2k eliminates the need for holding onto paper copies of invoices and daily books. S2k has super friendly and timely support that responds to any question you have or help you need when using the backoffice system. S2k is the proactive tool every gas station owner should have.

Patricia Swerer, Operations Manager

Crenshaw-Carson Chevron - Torrance, CA

After looking at other programs for back office I choose S2K at the end of 2005. I can say that the program has made my job easier as well as being able to handle our growing business! In this tough economy staying on top of your gross profit margins is necessary for staying in business as well as controlling your inventory. S2K is easy to use as well as to train others on. I have personally trained four other people in our organization to use it. I especially like the IM'ing for help when you need it rather than being stuck at your desk during a specific window of time waiting for someone from support to call as I have had to do in the past with other back office systems. Another of the great things about S2K is that if you make a mistake, they can fix it by putting your program back to where it was before you screwed it up! Their cutting edge technology as well as their old fashioned customer service makes them #1 for me!

Kuntal Ghandi, Owner

Stop N Go LLC

Very difficult to praise S2K in a paragraph, but will try! We spent over $40,000 in six years for an age-old, rigid back-office program. It was updated only once a year. We hesitantly decided to move to S2k in 2008 and since then we have reached new heights every year. We currently scan at 99.99% and have reduce inventory by 15%. Seamless interface with QuickBooks helps us maintain Profit and Loss per store and manage payroll of over 50 employees. “Real Time” feature is simply awesome. It is not essential but a must!!!. It helps us immensly in our fuel pricing and employee training. Real Time helped us catching 4 employees stealing from us.” "I consider S2k my personal assistant which gives me accurate information about inventory, profitability and accountability. It's UPC -oriented design is unmatched in the industry. In a span of one year, we have moved from just scanned item to complete item-level inventory. It's report center virtually eliminates any reporting needed from the cash register. The S2k interface with QuickBooks is seamless and makes their fingerprint Time clock system a must. You never have to schedule a specific time when you need support from their help desk. They are there for you when you need them. <b>Did I forget to mention that S2k is just software?</b> Thank you Melanie and Nick!

Sam Jouda, Owner

SAMCO Food Stores - Bakersfield, CA

I just wanted to thank-you so very much for the terrific, up-to-date software you supplied for all of my nine businesses, as well as all of the generous help you have given to me and my staff! Your software has helped save me countless man hours by being able to immediately implement prices (and price changes) to each of my locations! Your Series 2k software is very powerful, so easy to understand, and very affordable! I also appreciate the fact that you continue to update the software as soon as new information or technology becomes available. The flexibility of this software helps me to implement urgent, time sensitive information, real time, no matter where I might be! I don’t know if you realize just how valuable your company’s software has been to the success of my businesses!!!