In today's competitive world, inventory is the #1 question we always get asked about. S2k maintains a very complex number of different scenarios and allows you maximum flexibility from being able to track one item to thousands. It all depends on how much data you want to verify each day and when you have the data how are you going to use this data. A lot of people start itemized inventory without realizing that it requires a dedicated team to make it work correctly. Compared to any system available today S2k is one of the most flexible available.

S2k will allow complete itemized inventory by store all the way to a simple cost/retail system, the choice is yours and s2k can do it all !

Benefits Include:

  • Item Level or Department Level
  • Reduce Theft
  • Spot Sales Trends
  • Better Purchasing Power

Inventory History

  • For Fuel Sales, view daily data including
    • Unlike most Back Office Systems Series 2K is capable of providing Inventory management at both the itemized level and the department level.
  • Monitor stock items
    • Sales at the cash register
    • C-Store supplier deliveries
    • Employee theft
    • Incorrect delivery of goods Track sales rends
    • Best and worst selling items
    • Spot seasonal trends
    • No more guessing when to buy items
    • No more forgetting to order more items

Handheld barcode Scener

  • Track Inventory
    • Monitor stock levels by routinely counting stock items
  • Generate Purchase Invoices
    • Generate electronic Invoices as deliveries are made
  • Generate Purchase Orders
    • Create your own purchase orders and submit them electronically to your C-Store vendor
  • Manage your Price Book
    • Modify the retail, cost, categories and descriptions all from the handheld device