Pricebook Management

S2K Multi-Station Solution Price Book: S2K has a central price book that allows you to manage all your stations from one convenient location. The S2K system is incredibly versatile with the ability to make changes for one station, selected stations or all stations. You can also change the prices of multiple items at one time with just the click of mouse. Price changes are tracked with an audit trail, so you can see who made the change and and when it was done. You can also see if that price change actually made it to the POS, along with the success or failure message (POS compatibility applies).

Additionally, you have the ability to change your prices on each and every invoice, whether it's auto imported into the system or manually input. This enables you to see any price changes from your supplier that need to be updated and sent to the POS, helping you save time and ensure retail accuracy.

Benefits Include:

  • Centralized Price Book
  • One Group of Departments With One List Of SKUS
  • Individual Stores Have Their Own Retail and Cost
  • Change Prices from Anywhere For All Your Sites

Quick Price Change Tool

  • Quickly changes retails with a few clicks.
  • Apply new pricing to one or all your sites with a click of the mouse.

Manage Price Book

  • Use search criteria to easily lookup items (such as item number, description, price, or custom group name)
  • Side by side retail for each station.
  • Increase or decrease price… also can be set by margin
  • Increase or decrease prices by a dollar amount, a percentage or simply change to a fixed price
  • Save changes and send to the POS anywhere you have a browser and internet. From your phone, PC, or tablet
  • Add new items on the fly to get new inventory scanning immediately.

More Features

  • Price Change on Price Groups
    • Create custom price groups for items. For example: Premium Cigarettes or 20oz Sodas.
    • Change prices of custom group items easily
  • Copy Prices between Stations
    • Copy prices from one store to another
    • Great when you want to use the same price book for more than one store.
  • Manage Promotions and Rebates
    • Setup promos for multiple stations or groups
    • Track publish and use history