S2K Realtime Center

The S2k Realtime Center is now available for all our supported POS systems! S2K Realtime shows live transaction data in the S2K program as it happens. Historical data can also be viewed with just a few clicks. Some of the details shown includes:

  • Transaction by Station and Cashier
  • Voids and Returns
  • Customer charges by Transaction

S2K Realtime has reporting such as hourly sales and summary by cashier, station, department, as well as historical data analysis. Using detailed, historical data will allow you to analyze sales trends and confirm suspicious activity.

The beauty of this product is that you have information at your fingertips! You can use S2K's Realtime tools to monitor your sites when needed, from any location. For example: Transaction level data is a great tool for analyzing staffing requirements during peak customer counts.

Want to create a staff schedule for those high-traffic periods from home? No Problem!

All of these tools and more make it possible with the Realtime Center!