Series 2K
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C-Stores/Gas Stations . Wholesale Fuel Supplies

Series 2K
"Praises to Series 2000 (S2K) for being simply the best Gasoline! C-Store BackOffice System available at a very reasonable price." -
Series 2K

"After looking at other programs for back office I choose s2k at the end of 2005. I can say that the program has made my job easier as well as being able to handle our growing business. In this tough economy staying on top of your gross profit margins is necessary for staying in business as well as controlling your inventory. S2k is easy to use as well as to train others on. I have personally trained four other people in our organization to use it. I especially like the IM'ing for help when you need it rather than being stuck at your desk during a specific window of time waiting for someone from support to call as I have had to do in the past with other back office systems. Another of the great things about s2k is that if you make a mistake they can fix it by putting your program back to where it was before you screwed it up! Their cutting edge technology as well as their old fashioned customer service makes them #1 for me!"

Patricia Swerer, Operations Manager
Crenshaw-Carson Chevron, Torrance, CA

"I can summarize all my concerns that I had in a few words to describe that S2K software provided me with, 1. Simplicity 2. Accuracy 3. Affordability. I am also very pleased with their prompt help desk service provided, I usually get my answers within a couple of minutes. If a situation is complicated and cannot be resolved during a phone call with help desk, then their technician will log in at night and resolve the matter. I must admit that there is not a single software company that can perform all the retailers needs in the manner that he or she wishes, but this was the closest one I could find to work in a simplified manner. I am sure that S2K representative has given a demo, and if not please take a moment to review the demo as it may help you with your concerns. The company is owned by a father and two daughters and they take great care of their clients. I am truly happy with their services and their software, and it has simplified all my sites and operation."

Brian Sheena, Owner
Westwood Shell, Encinitas, CA
Series2K Series2K
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