Series 2K
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Series 2K
"Praises to Series 2000 (S2K) for being simply the best Gasoline! C-Store BackOffice System available at a very reasonable price." -
Series 2K

"Mel, I just wanted to let you know that since using Series 2K, our clients have more accurate information faster than ever before. Kudos to you, Nick and your staff.

Initially the clients were reluctant to switch since they were using a "top of the line" industry program. The reason we suggested they switch is that the old program required a staff of accountants who worked hand in hand with computer technicians to run the thing. Series2K is easy to learn and accurate - you don't need a degree to run it! Once the clients found out how much less information their staff had to input and balance they have been very happy! When we were reviewing the SOP, I heard a lot of "is that all I have to do? . . . with the other program I had to . . . wow, that's so easy! . . .does it really do that for me - automatically?". The new feature of auto transferring gas invoices is working out well. Another input item which can be taken off the "to do" list. The training you provide eases the pain of switching from one software program to another. When I can't remember something, you are just an instant message away. You have working knowledge of how things are supposed to work in QuickBooks - that certainly benefits all parties. When I think of a report to add, it seems to appear before I ask for it - which shows me your technical group is always working to improve the system. Nick was great in working with me to set up and get through the jobber process - putting up with my learning curve and me changing my mind on the way things should be posted - thanks Nick!

Don't forget, let me know when you are willing to tackle a few more industries that need a QB add-on!!"

Joan E. Vasko EA<
Staff Accountant
Wildor Inc, Wendell, NC
Series2K Series2K
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